RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™
RGB-Nixie Clock™

RGB-Nixie Clock™

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Size: 4-Digit Nixie Clock

RGB Nixie Clock™ - A Contemporary Time Machine

This RGB tube clock is made of walnut solid wood base, acrylic boards and black anodized sandblasted aluminum alloy panel. It is novel in shape, beautiful and decorates any desk perfectly. Highlight RGB color lights, each number produces different gradient colors, forming colorful shades and various effects. Supports 7 display modes, which can be adjusted according to your needs: color gradient mode, flowing water gradient mode, test mode and many others. You will love our RGB Nixie Clock™!


Easy to use, all functions and custom colors can be easily set up without connecting to a computer.
Equipped with timer function, which can support up to 99 minutes countdown timer.
It also features an alarm clock and a time switching function between 24-hour and 12-hour clock.

DIY Kit - Easy To Assemble:

Our RGB Nixie Clock™ comes in a sturdy box with a pre assembled base and individually packed acrylic boards. Follow the easy step by step instructions to see your RGB Nixie Clock™ come to life*. 

*screwdriver not included



Material: walnut wood + acrylic + aluminum alloy
Battery: 1 * 1.2V, 50mAh battery (included)
Light source: 16million full color LED
Power input: Type-C 5V 1A
Rated power: 1W
4 Digits RGB Nixie Clock™:
Item size: 290 * 76 * 60mm / 11.42 * 2.99 * 2.36in
Item weight: 520g / 1.15lb
Package size: 350 * 180 * 100mm / 13.78 * 7.09 * 3.94in
Package weight: 1200g / 2.65lb

6 Digits RGB Nixie Clock™:
Item size: 216 * 70 * 65mm / 8.50 * 2.76 * 2.56in
Item weight: 368g / 12.98ounce / 0.81lb
Package size: 260 * 180 * 85mm / 10.24 * 7.09 * 3.35in
Package weight: 750g / 1.65lb

What is Included:

1* RGB Nixie Clock™
1* Type-C USB Cord
1* 5V USB Charger

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this a table clock? How do you read the time?
A: This is a pre-assembled clock kit that requires an easy and final step of assembly. You can conveniently read the time as 183324, which reads as 18:33:24. You can also switch to 12-hour clock.

Q: Is this battery powered or I need to plug it in?
A: You would need to plug it in to make it work. 

Q: Will it remember the time in case the power is cut out?
A: There is a battery on the motherboard which prevents the clock to reset in case the power goes off.

Q: Does this need to be connected to a computer, can it be used away from the computer?
A: Our new upgraded version does not require a computer. The buttons in the back can adjust the color and time.

Q: Can I charge the power adapter?
A: Yes, any USB port can supply power to it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Russell F.
Looks great

I really love this clock. I think is a great modern take on the rustic look of a nixie tube clock. This isn't exactly a nixie tube clock, it's a clock that uses LEDs to display individual numbers as time passes. There are multiple different settings but I personally love the glitch setting that cause the clock to "glitch out" every few seconds and quickly flash between many different numbers. Theres also a setting that let's the clock fade completely out and then fade back in, although both of these settings can only be used in the standard orange color.

karen firestone
Beautiful Clock

Beautiful clock - easy to read - well made.

Stanley Young
Unique, fun & colorful

I bought clock for myself/my home. I have at least 20 & the Nixie is cool for all the colors. I was in the military & 1st clock I have with military time. It took awhile to assemble but just fun like a puzzle__

seth biggers
Great quality

After I bought the our first clock, a lot of compliments from everyone come to our house. So this become our top gift for our friends and families.

Marcel P.
Handsome blunt appearance

We enjoy the curious industrial expression of the clock.